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        Established in 1984, China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd., (“the Company”) is mainly engaged in international trading of bulk commodities. Since 1999, the company has been ranked among the “The Top 500 Chinese Import and Export Enterprises”, “Top 500 in China’s Service Industry” and “Grade-A Import and Export Enterprises in China”.

        The Company’s registered capital is 1.8 billion Yuan; total assets is 10 billion Yuan.  Its revenue reached 30 billion Yuan, and the import and export volume amounted to over 2 billion dollars. The Company has 10 wholly-owned second tier subsidiaries, and relatively sound and complete warehousing, logistics, bonded facilities in domestic main ports. Currently, the Company has over 1,700 employees.

        The Company always adheres to a trade pattern featured in bulk commodity, big market, and major client, aiming to promote the integration of specialization, informationization and financialization, and construct a modern international trade model. Currently, the Company’s trade business covers more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Business lines are: cotton and cotton yarn, grain and feed, oil and oil seeds, coal and minerals, wool and chemical fiber, and foodstuffs etc. The import volume of several commodities are ranked among the top in the country, such as cotton and cotton yarn, wool, minerals, high-end oil and oil seeds.

        The Company always pursues the philosophy of “honesty, credit, win-win and serving”, to work with global clients for joint development.

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