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Since 2010
the company has further strengthened strategic implementation, and sped up the business transformation .Within four years, the sales revenue has exceeded 10 billion Yuan and 20 billion Yuan; the import and export volume has surpassed one billion US dollars and two billion dollars respectively. The import volume of wool, cotton, cotton yarn, high-end edible oil, grain, and and specialty minerals ranks among the top in the domestic industry.
In 2010
the company's high strength PE fiber industry project won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress awarded by the State Council.
In 2009
the company made the shift from supplying traditional textile raw materials totrading bulk commodity, and took" cotton , grain, oil, coal," as the focus of the new business structure, marking a new chapter in the development of strategic transformation .
In 2005
the company was awarded among Top 500 Enterprises in China's Service Industry.
In 2003
the company's ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber was applied to Shenzhou spacecraft's safeguard system,signifying a milestone in the development of the company's high-tech innovation.
Since 1999
the company has been under direct administration of China's central government.
the company was awarded among China's Top 500 Import and Export Enterprises and was graded A in import and export;
In 1997
Sinotex Investment&Development Co., Ltd, initiated and controlled by SDIC Trade, went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
In 1988
the company established China's first specialized wool warehouse in Nanjing.
Since 1986
the company has set up subsidiaries and offices in New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Uruguay, Hong Kong,The Central African Republic and so on.
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